rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilly and Forgetful

The partly cloudy sky brought a surprise today in the form of a brief shower lasting about ten minutes. Had it happened while the sun was out it would have made a dandy sun shower, but we were in cloud shadow the entire time. It remained quite cool all day. It is to be considerably warmer tomorrow. The next chance of rain in the long-range forecast is a week from today, with another chance a week from Friday. As today's shower didn't amount to much, we could still use the water from another rain. I'll be watching to see what develops over the next few days before I decide whether or not to water the yard on Monday.

They took out another pine tree in the yard at the end of the block this morning. It was the tree that, from my back porch, the trunk of which was always mostly hidden behind a slimmer tree several feet this side of it. The slimmer tree has an odd crook some way up its bole, leaning just a bit to the west for several feet and then going straight up again. It must be from some old injury it got in a storm long ago. The crook was not really noticeable while the bigger tree behind it was there, but now it's very obvious. I suspect that the bent tree will have to come out eventually, too. The two spots where it bends are probably weak.

This computer was being troublesome today, so I haven't gotten much done with it. Frustration with the machine's behavior led me to waste considerable time watching television instead. I'm about to go waste more time watching television, though I'll have to eat something first. I keep forgetting dinner until I suddenly feel sick because my blood sugar has crashed. I really bite at taking care of myself anymore. Too bad I can't train Portia to look after me, but she's about as unscheduled as I am. But at least I never pee on the carpet. Yet.

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