rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mostly a Placemarker

The dry day stayed cool even though it was mostly sunny. I overslept, then got hung up on a bunch of stuff and never got around to writing an entry. There was Ramen with vegetables for dinner, as I'm coming to the end of last week's shopping and I'm tired of opening cans of stuff or microwaving frozen things. The food should be slightly more interesting next week. That's not saying much. This week set the bar very low.

Right now I have to make out the bills I'll be mailing tomorrow when I go shopping. I've learned to do that the night before rather than remember at the last minute and end up delaying my trip.

I'm actually feeling a bit queasy now. The ramen was a bit stale. I'll go lay down on the couch as soon as I'm done writing checks for the bills. It's close to the bathroom in case I must chunder.

R.I.P., Saturday. We hardly knew ye.

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