rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

After the Boom

Three electrical episodes punctuated the storm today. I turned the computer off when the first one began, and hadn't turned it back on when the second one took place, but had to turn it off again when the third one came by. The third one was the nearest, with loud claps of thunder quickly following several of the flashes of lightning. It only stayed nearby for about fifteen minutes, and then rolled off into the mountains, but was quite invigorating (if inconvenient) while it lasted.

Each of the three thunderstorms brought heavy downpours, and one of them brought hail, but the storm is now much diminished. There might be a few more sprinkles tonight, but the rain should all be over before morning. It's going to get warmer tomorrow, but highs above 70 are not predicted until next Thursday, so it looks like a pleasant week coming up. After that it's anybody's guess. Spring might continue being intermittently rainy, or it could turn hot and dry.

I don't yet know how much rain we got, but it was surely enough to keep the plants happy for several days. Well,the plants other than the rose bushes are probably happy, but the roses, as I expected, took quite a beating. The red ones were all destroyed, and though the yellow ones did better most of them are a bit bedraggled now. As the lilacs have already withered away, the back yard's color is much diminished— unless I count the ground under the rose bushes, which is now littered with red and pink and yellow petals. But dead petals lose their color soon.

I'm hoping that the last of the storm clouds will settle earthward and turn to fog before departing, but the chances of that are slim with spring storms. Fog is more apt to appear with rain in winter. But fog or no, it smells nice outside now, the air full of the scents of grass and wet pine trees. I'm going to go out and inhale some of it now.

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