rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Approach

The precursor to the storm that's moving in was a mostly cloudy sky that nevertheless admitted a great deal of sunlight all afternoon. There was also some strong wind, and the rumpled clouds were swift, the light playing constantly with their texture. I took a last look at the roses that are about to be beaten to death by the raindrops.

Currently I have what is probably the largest number of roses blooming at once that I'll see this year. I pruned off a few that were past their prime, but didn't cut any of the full ones to take indoors. Portia can't resist knocking over vases, for some reason. She rarely takes out a lamp, and even more rarely a water glass, but no vase is safe from her swats, especially when it's full of flowers. Goofy cat.

The rain is expected to start after midnight. One never knows with spring storms, though, and it might not begin until much later. But I'm definitely hoping to see everything wet by the time I wake up tomorrow. The grass will drinking it up to fuel its next growth spurt. It is already getting pretty long, so the next mowing isn't far off. It's good that it will be getting more water, because you definitely don't want it drying out when it's long. The last thing I need is a fire hazard in my own yard.

I woke up fairly late today, but I hope I can get to sleep earlier tonight anyway. I have to start thinking about going shopping Sunday. There are a couple of decent bargains this week, and I want a clear head when I'm in the store so I don't forget any of them. When I shop while groggy I sometimes forget stuff even when it's on my list. One of the perils of age. Another peril of age is forgetting to eat, which I did tonight. As it's gotten pretty chilly maybe I'll just heat a can of soup. I need to make room in that cupboard anyway.

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