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Spring Stuff [Apr. 20th, 2016|09:29 pm]
This evening I made the mistake of sweeping the golden layer of pine pollen off of my back porch. Had I been thinking clearly I'd have waited until it had stopped accumulating and then washed it off with the hose. That's a pretty big task, as the porch is over two hundred square feet and has a lot of stuff on it (furniture, lawn mower, flower pots, etcetera.) But I have been tracking the stuff into the house on my feet and thought I could just get the worst of it off with the broom if I covered my nose with a bandanna, but it didn't work and I've been sneezing more ever since. Stupid trees.

The missing tabby cat didn't come back today, so she wasn't at the pound (it's only open Wednesday through Saturday) so I think she's unlikely to ever return. I'll miss that kitty. She was always happy to see me when I went outside, and would rub against my leg and purr. A couple of the others will do that, but most of them keep their distance.

Rain is still predicted for Friday. Better yet, the high temperature is predicted to be only 53, down from 80 today and 72 predicted for tomorrow. After that, highs are expected to remain in the 60s for several days, and there could be more rain on Wednesday. About the only negative in the forecast is that the Friday storm could bring lightning, and lightning could start fires that could last for a longtime if the rain the storm brings isn't heavy enough to put them out right away. There could also be a power outage, of course, but this time of year I worry less about that then I do about fires that might last all summer.

The moon is almost full tonight (it will be full the night of the storm) and the walnut tree will soon be entirely clothed in spring leaves, so tonight and tomorrow are my last chances until fall to watch the complex shadows of the branches and twigs to cross the ground. It getting chilly again, but it's not yet so cold as to make sitting outside unpleasant. Sadly, the pollen is what makes it unpleasant. I guess I'll stay in and watch television again tonight.