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It was slightly less warm today, and the house is a comfortable 68 degrees right now. That means I can close the windows and sneeze less by keeping some of the pollen out. I slept on split shift again, from about three o'clock in the morning until seven or so, and then from eleven until half past three this afternoon. This, along with the pollen count, has left me with considerable brain fuzz. Going outside for a while might help clear out the sleep fuzz, but would do nothing for the pollen fuzz, so I'm just going to vegetate in front of the television.

The red roses are shedding their petals fast. Only one of the pink roses has fallen apart, and it took a couple of weeks to do so, but the red roses are only a few days old and are already disintegrating. It's too bad, as they are the most fragrant of all the roses. The yellow ones are taking their time opening, so they might last a fairly long time like the pink ones, which also opened slowly. The red rose bush is putting out buds more rapidly, too. It just seems to be on a different schedule than the others.

One of my feral cats, the tabby who lives in the garage, has not come home for several days now. As I'm not smelling any kitty corpse in the yard, if she's dead it must be somewhere away from the yard. She could also be trapped somewhere, or she might have hopped into an open vehicle and been driven away. If somebody nearby deliberately trapped her and took her to the pound then she should reappear tomorrow, as on seeing her tipped ear the pound will call the feral cat lady who will pick the cat up and return it to the neighborhood where it was trapped. I'm not really expecting to see her, though, as I don't think anybody in the neighborhood is trapping cats these days. If she's gone for good, then she's the third member of the colony to vanish. That will leave me with five. Well, six if you count the intact feral tom who has been hanging around for the last year or so. I still think of him as a visitor, though.

I should probably eat something, but the pollen and odd sleep schedule have left me too dopey to fix anything. This will probably end up being a microwaved burrito night again. I'll be glad when the pines are done spewing.

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