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So the shopping is done for the week. I spent more than I'd intended, but at least got a few decent bargains. I won't need more kitty litter for at least two months, and probably won't need to buy cat food again until May. The paper towels should last until August, at least. My own diet is apt to be fairly dull, as I skipped a few things that were on my list which I decided I couldn't really afford. It's going to be another potato and pasta and bean week. Maybe they'll have something more interesting on sale next week, and I won't get distracted by non-comestibles of the sorts that I loaded up on today.

The air didn't get too hot today, but the direct sunlight was uncomfortably warm. Tomorrow will be too hot, and the direct sunlight will probably be horrendous. I'll do my best to stay out of it. But I am looking forward to tomorrow evening, when I'll be able to open the windows and let in the cool air of dusk. I'll most likely do a lot of sneezing, as the walnut tree is now spewing pollen, but At least I won't be too hot or too cold. The pine tree will be getting its pollen soon, and that is usually the worst of spring, but after that things should settle down and I'll only have my allergies acting up once in a while.

To my disappointment I haven't been seeing or hearing any flocks of waterfowl flying north since the big flock went over the neighborhood a few days ago. Maybe they all went home at once. If so, they probably made the right choice. Even though the long-range forecast predicts a possibility of rain the weekend after this, the warm season has definitely arrived, and the valley wetlands in which they winter will surely be getting a lot hotter over the next month. Fortunately for those of us who can't just fly away, the Sierra snow pack was at 88% of normal for April 1. While the drought is not broken, it's bent quite a bit, at lest for this year. I suspect that we won't see as much rain as we've had this year again until the next El Niño turns up.

Dinner is going to be late again tonight, of course. Later than last night, in fact, as I didn't plan ahead very well. Shopping took too big a chunk out of the afternoon. A sandwich is probably my best recourse at this point, anyway. But tonight I'll post the entry before I go to the kitchen. Right now.

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