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I actually wrote this last night before eleven o'clock, but then went to the kitchen and totally forgot to come back and post it. Instead, I ate dinner and got sucked into the television world, and only just now remembered what I hadn't done. Dinner was a bit overdone, as I had mistakenly messed with the oven clock instead of setting the oven timer, which is what I'd thought I was doing. Instead it was my night for doing stupid shit. Which is most nights anymore, but this was worse than usual. Anyway, here's Thursday,


The clouds have broken up and moonlight is streaming over the land. Though the moon is only half full, its light seems bright after the nights of its vaporous occlusion. The pine trees, still a bit damp from a recent shower, are glittering with it. There was decent rain last night, though it lasted less than two hours, and today brought a few intermittent showers, the last an hour or so ago. I'll have to wait and see if the rain was sufficient to keep the plants from getting thirsty for more than a few days. The long range forecast sets the next possible rain at a week from tomorrow, and if that is unchanged over the course of the week I might just let the plants make do.

It looks as though tomorrow will be my shopping day this week, but it is only tentative. I'd be glad to have it out of the way, even though there are no special Friday sale items I want this week. But I'd have to be ready to go by three o'clock in the afternoon, and today I didn't even get up until three o'clock in the afternoon. It could be tricky. I'm nothing resembling sleepy right now. But I am hungry, and there's a lasagna in the oven I have to go check on.

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