rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Things are Odd

Rain has failed to rain today, but the ground is still a bit damp from the last rain so it's not time to worry yet. It could still rain tonight, though I did see the crescent moon for a while so the clouds probably aren't quite heavy enough yet. Tomorrow could bring rain too, though Thursday remains more likely. It would be nice to get at least a little bit before the hot days come along. Summer is still looming like a threat. Rain could sooth it back to sleep for a while.

The frogs along the nearby stream aren't croaking tonight, but I'm hearing a frog that sounds like it's in my next door neighbor's yard. I don't know if it's anew arrival or if it might be the frog who was in my yard a couple of weeks ago. I'd like it to be my frog, relocated, as that would mean it didn't get eaten by any of my feral cats. As to why the frogs along the stream haven't been croaking lately, I do hope that French people haven't moved in to the neighborhood.

I'm still dealing with a very strange non-pattern of sleep. Today I slept from about eight o'clock in the morning until just before three in the afternoon. Every day is a surprise because my brain has gone all flibertytarian on me. But I think I'll go have breakfast now. I've got some English muffins I have to eat before they start murdering one another.

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