rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


While I'd hoped to wake up by eleven o'clock this morning and get the windows open to enjoy the fresh spring air all day, it didn't work out that way. In fact I didn't get to sleep until almost eight o'clock this morning and then slept for about nine hours. Actually I woke up a few times but was unable to rouse myself. I made the mistake of feeding my alarm cat just before I went to sleep, so she wasn't hungry enough to pester me awake this afternoon.

This is a disaster. I'll never get to sleep tonight, and tomorrow I must go shopping. I'll have to get up much too soon after going to sleep, and then go to the stores dazed and confused. Plus I missed all the fresh air today because by five o'clock it had gotten too cool outside to have the windows open. I'd like a do-over, please. What, time doesn't allow do-overs? Well, crap.

Because there hasn't been any significant rain for several days I had to do a bit of irrigating this evening. The azaleas, the ground cover and small shrubs along the north fence, part of the jasmine hedge, and the lilac bushes all got drinks. Tomorrow or Monday the bushes and ground cover along the back of the house, the rose bushes, and the rest of the jasmine will get watered. The lawns will have to go thirsty this year because the water rates are going up. The front yard will have to wait a few more days, and if rain shows up in the forecast, which is always a possibility in April, then it can wait for that to water it.

Tonight is the night I will have to try to use up stuff in the refrigerator that is near to going bad. It's a night-before-shopping tradition, and usually my least favorite dinner of the week. I think there might be some spaghetti sauce I need to use up, but unfortunately there's no Parmesan cheese to sprinkle over it. There is also stuff for a salad, and some stale sourdough for garlic toast, so I won't be doing too badly. Anyway, after the stupid move of sleeping so late I don't deserve a really good dinner. If you don't wake up at a reasonable hour you can't have any Parmesan cheese. How can you have any Parmesan cheese if you don't wake up at a reasonable hour?

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