rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Fooling

No wonder I was cold. I had the windows open this afternoon, and when the sun moved around to the west I closed the drapes on the window above the computer, just to block the glare, and then never reopened them and thus forgot that the window was open. A while ago, Portia came through the drapes after enjoying the nocturnal view for some time and I saw that he window was still open. I'd long since closed the others, but that one I forgot, and the persistent chill I'd been feeling for hours didn't clue me in. I wish Portia had told me sooner. Now the furnace has started cycling on, and I was hoping it would stay off most of the night.

But the afternoon was quite pleasant. It was warmer than predicted, and I was able to flood the house with fresh, almost balmy air. The windows were opened at one o'clock this afternoon, as that was when I woke up. It's nice that I got up that early, as for the last few days I've been getting up around three o'clock, which is much too late. With luck I might be awake by eleven tomorrow morning, and I'll be able to get the house opened up even earlier.

Another April Fool's Day is just about gone, and the Internets— at least the parts of them that I frequent— have been pretty much prankless. I recall LJ doing something prankish every year when Brad was still running it. In 2004 he redesigned the site for the day, installing temporary code to do things like change the "Friends" and "Friend Of" on everybody's user info pages to read "Stalking" and "Stalked By," which created such outrage among some users that there were threats directed at him, and he had to write this explanatory post. I sometimes wonder of things like that were part of the reason that Blogger eventually overtook LJ in number of users. But I found it entertaining.

Look at me waxing nostalgic. Sigh, the old days.

Somebody want to get on my lawn? Anybody?

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