rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A couple of weeks ago I bought four artichokes when they were on sale cheap, but I kept forgetting to cook them(I always forget stuff that's out of sight in the vegetable bin.) But this evening I remembered them in time, so I cooked two and ate them in lieu of dinner, which I didn't feel like making. I downed about half a cube of butter with them, so they weren't particularly healthy, but they were very tasty. They weren't quite enough to fill me up, though, so now I'm microwaving some popcorn. It will be tempting to finish off the cube of butter on it, but I'll try to resist. It will still require a second beer, of course. I have no intention of resisting that.

There's no surprise that it has gotten warmer than predicted. Spring and all. Today got balmy, and tomorrow will be only slightly cooler, so I'm getting some open window time after all. The rain that might come on Sunday (first not predicted, then predicted at 40%) is now back down to 10%, so maybe there won't be any. at all, or maybe there will be a downpour. There's another chance of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, but that, too, could go either way. March is full of surprises this year, not the least of which is that it's acting like April.

Ah, that was the microwave dinging at me. The popcorn is ready. Maybe starch and beer will put me to sleep at a decent hour tonight.

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