rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sleep pattern I've had for the last couple of days is one I do not want to become my new normal. I've been getting to sleep between six and seven in the morning and waking up after one o'clock int he afternoon. This would be a very troublesome schedule to have over any considerable length of time. I'm relying on the fact that my schedule hasn't been stable for a few years now, and this one is unlikely to be an exception, but at the back of my mind is that fearful what if? that, unfortunately, keeps me awake. Can you say "self fulfilling prophesy?" Uh huh, I thought you could.

It's still pretty cool out, despite being much sunnier, and I haven't been able to keep the windows open yet. The thermometer might nudge seventy on Saturday, but before and after it's mostly supposed to be in the mid-sixties. Too chilly for fresh air indoors, though it's well nigh perfect outside. I might get some of last years last fall of leaves raked from the back back yard. I don't want to take them up too soon, because right now they are inhibiting the growth of weeds, and if I can not rake in order to also not weed, that's a win-win. On the other hand I don't want to put off the raking until the weather gets hot again. Raking is unpleasant enough without trying to do it in the heat.

There's something else I was thinking about writing, but it has entirely escaped my mind. Maybe it was about all the pollen that is dusting the back porch and making me forgetful. But I just don't remember. Oh, well (achoo.)

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