rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Preparing to Spring

It's nice to have the weekly shopping out of the way. Now I can stay home Sunday and enjoy the rain, maybe with a cup of tea and some biscotti. I probably won't be enjoying it with the computer. Although the last rain didn't cause it to lose the Internet altogether, the connection did get so frustratingly slow that I had to give up trying to do anything. That will probably be how it turns out this Sunday.

Nevertheless I'm looking forward to it. Today I woke up sore and aching, with a dry throat, and my sinuses have been bothering me all day. I've sneezed quite a bit, too. Just a couple of mild days brought out enough pollen to do all that. A nice rain will wash much of it away. It will get cooler tomorrow, and then we will get at least two, and maybe three, rainy days. After that it will warm up again, but not too fast.

Sunday, in fact, is the vernal equinox, so it's all spring ahead. Naturally I'm hoping for a wet one. I don't know if the first day of spring being rainy is a good omen for that or not, but I'm going to assume that it is. If it turns out not to be, then I'll quit believing in omens until the next time I want one to be true.

I did get too little sleep last night, so I probably forgot at least a couple of things at the store, but there's plenty to eat anyway. And speaking of eating, my much delayed dinner (remember, it's an hour earlier than that lying clock says it is) won't eat itself. At least I hope it won't. I'm pretty hungry and wouldn't want to have to take the time to cook another one for myself.

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