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Pleasantries [Mar. 15th, 2016|10:14 pm]
Two days after setting the clocks forward I remain somewhat temporally disoriented, though I did enjoy spending an hour of the longer evening in my back yard, inhaling the cool air, now scented with pine and new grass, and watching the ephemeral clouds above and westward flush luminous shades of orange and pink, while purple shadow engulfed the distant valley to the south.

I walked about the yard for a while, to the delight of the black feral cat who ran hither and yon, grabbing bits of dislodged plant life to toss and chase. A woodpecker drummed at a nearby oak for a while, then flew off to find its nocturnal perch as the sky darkened and the first stars appeared. It's so nice to have the sky back after so many overcast days and nights.

El Nino has been kind. Satellite views of California show the Sierra and even some of the mountains int he coast ranges to be capped with much snow, and the rest of the state, apart from the fringing deserts, is green. The nearby reservoir at Oroville has reached its usually capacity for this date, and should the storms continue to arrive will probably reach its full capacity this spring.

However, such a strong El Nino condition in the past would by this date have gotten us much more snow and water than it has brought this year. This year it has brought us what used to be a normal wet year. Unless El Nino conditions become much more common, which is very unlikely, it is probably going to turn out that the drought will come back next year, and remain until the next strong El Nino. And the green of the satellite photos could be lost again. The drought-stressed trees are susceptible to infestation by bark beetles, which kill the trees, and the last three years of drought have already decimated many miles of forests. If the drought returns next year the decimation will continue, and probably accelerate.

But why in the hell spoil it? We've gotten one good year, and if it turns out to have been a fluke in the new climate regime, well, we'll just have to learn to adjust. Drink, bathe, and be merry, California, for tomorrow we retrench!

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-03-16 09:54 pm (UTC)
It's now Wednesday, and I'm still a little disoriented by the time zone thing. Ugh. Why do they do this to us?

Washington's beautiful pine forests are suffering from too little cold, and those damn beetles, booooo. Rush Limbaugh probably still insists everything's rosy, environmentally. I'd like to give him such a swift kick.

I like the thought of the feral cat showing off for you. :)
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2016-03-17 03:26 am (UTC)
Rush won't believe there's a problem until there's a Cheeto shortage. Then he'll be all over it: "Why isn't the government doing something about this?!"
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[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-03-17 03:29 am (UTC)
Thanks, Obama.

Will people still be saying that once Trump's el presidente? ;)
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2016-03-17 04:03 am (UTC)
Well, some Republican establishment types are, in effect, already saying "thanks, Obama" for Trump's rise, although at least one of them is saying (with a degree of creative imagination I'd have thought beyond him) that it's really Al Franken's fault.

Anne Boleyn, as a character in Anna Dickinson's 1876 play Crown of Thorns, uses a proverb: "He who sets fire to his neighbor's house, may chance to find his own consumed in the spread of the flames." I guess nobody in the Republican party ever read Anne Dickinson. Even though their attempt at burning down the Democratic party has (so far) failed, their own is now in the midst of a holocaust. And all they seem able to do about it is pretend it isn't their own fault.
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[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-03-17 05:42 am (UTC)
Al Franken?! Yeah, let's pin it on him. *scratching head*

That's just about the size of it for the GOP. I've been pretty much loathing them ever since Pres. Obama took office and they made it clear that their sole agenda was blocking every move he meant to make. Fuck the country, you know? They just wanted to make sure he had a string of failures. Slimy toads.
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