rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The latest storm turned out to be milder than expected, at least so far. Another band of clouds is headed our way, and it will start raining before long, and probably keep raining through most of the weekend. My Internets connection has been good all afternoon, after having been mostly nonexistent all last night. I'm expecting it to go nonexistent quite a bit over the next few days,.

As it turned out we actually got a few minutes of sunshine late this afternoon, and it would have been a good day to go shopping without getting wet, but I was unable to arrange it. Now I'll have to go on Sunday, which threatens to be very wet indeed. It's going to get colder, too. The handful of lilacs that bloomed during the recent warm spell are looking quite bedraggled, and I'm not expecting them to survive. The bees are going to be disappointed. They enjoy lilacs.

At least the frogs are still happy, and their chorus is loud tonight. Their prospects are good, but the feral cats won't be pleased, I'm sure. And speaking of frogs, I haven't heard the one that was in my yard for several days now. Either it moved on, or a cat slaughtered it. If so, I hope they didn't eat it.

I hear raindrops, so the Internets will probably be going away soon. I think I'm going to indulge myself and raise the thermostat to 66 degrees. If I can't surf the web at least I can be a bit more comfortable while watching television.

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