rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was dry most of the morning, but we got a power outage anyway. It started while I was sleeping and I no longer have an electric clock that remembers when the power goes off— just the cable box clock and the computer clock which reset themselves when the power comes back and the oven clock that blinks 12:00 until I reset it— so I have no idea how long it was off. The house got pretty cold, though, so it was probably at least four hours.

Anyway, the power came back on a while ago, but heavy rain started falling then and now my Internet connection has gone intermittent again. It will probably go away entirely soon, as this storm is supposed to be pretty strong, but I want to post an brief entry if I get the chance, mainly so I can badmouth AT&T once more. At least my cable is on, so I can watch something when the Internet goes away. If Comcast Internet wasn't so expensive (and tied up in rules and conditions) I'd switch the service to them.

Sometimes I think we'd be better off if the Internet had been built by the postal service.

Oh, and I wanted to mention the birds. Last time I went out back to check on the feral cats, all of whom were still hiding out somewhere, my back yard was swarming with tiny birds who, as soon I opened the back door, scattered like cockroaches when a light goes on (I don't get cockroaches here, where there is no sewer system, but I remember getting infestations when I lived in Los Angeles.) This was the largest flock of those birds I can remember ever having seen in the yard at one time. There must have been close to a hundred of them, pecking everywhere in the rain. I thought they might come back once I went indoors, but then one of the cats turned up, so the birds will probably go elsewhere. Sorry to have interrupted your meal, birds.

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