rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Calm Before

So my neck is adjusted. It was a bit more askew than I'd thought it was, and my lower back needed a tweak as well, but this ought to see me through the next month— assuming I don't do any heavy lifting. Not that I intend to do much lifting, heavy or otherwise. Maybe a 20 pound box of kitty litter, but that would be about it. 12 ounce bottles of beer are more my thing.

It's been nice having a reliable Internet connection today, and I've been able to get somewhat caught up on things I missed while it was being unstable, but the respite will be over sometime tonight when the rain returns. I've probably got at least a week of intermittent Internet connection ahead, as the series of storms pass through. What happens after that is up to El Nino. But with luck the connection won't go away altogether again, as it did for several days last month.

The absence of rain tonight has made it easier to hear the frogs than it has been of late. The volume of their sound reveals that they are flourishing in their newly replenished stream and pools. The stars, however, which were out last night, have been concealed by the clouds which will bring rain after midnight. The really intense rain is not to arrive until Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday are also expected to be very wet. I'm hoping for a Friday shopping trip, of course, but it isn't arranged yet.

There is actually quite a pleasant scent in the air tonight, mingling pine and new grass and damp soil. It smells like spring, as it ought to, the vernal equinox being but two weeks off. Daylight saving time will begin even sooner, and the evenings, already providing twilight past six o'clock, will grow even longer. It might get warmer again week after next, and then I'll be able to sit outside and listen to the frogs in the gloaming, at least until their stream dries up. That will be nice.

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