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After being dry and partly sunny here all afternoon, the day suddenly turned rainy again a short time ago, beginning with a marvelously vigorous sun shower that lasted about ten minutes. The band of clouds that brought it has moved southwest and the sun is now obscured, and the rain has lessened. The rain won't last much longer because the band of clouds is rather narrow, and I see clear sky to the northeast which should reach here before long. The clouds and the clear strip might even position themselves to provide us with a nice sunset this evening.

Although the rain didn't last too long it was still sufficient to interrupt my Internet connection again. I'd best accustom myself to that, as the long range forecast says that rain is possible for the next ten days. It's going to be getting chillier again, too, so it doesn't look good for the plants that have already started blooming. But as days in the high forties and nights in the low forties here mean it will be getting chilly enough up in the mountains to bring more snow there I won't complain. My March utility bill will be higher than I'd hoped, but there's some (non-cash) compensation in the likelihood that the reservoirs will get a little bit fuller this spring.

Tomorrow is chiropractor day. My neck doesn't feel very much out of whack this time, so the adjustment might be easier than usual. There is something a bit off, though, because I've had a mild recurring headache for the last couple of days, and it can't be from pollen since the rain has been washing that out of the air. Something is pressing on something and I'll be glad to have it fixed.

Ah, I see that the rain has ceased, and the cumulus clouds to the northeast are catching some sunlight. The weather web site is telling me that although it wasn't very rainy here today, there was a record rainfall in Redding, which is about sixty miles north. The next storm is apt to be more intense north of here, too, but the one arriving Thursday will be as strong as the one we had over the weekend. If it's equally windy I'll have to start worrying about that oak tree again. This winter is apparently not going to give way to spring without a fight. El Niño makes things so capricious.

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