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Despite several hours of rather intense rain and blustery wind I've still got an intermittent Internets connection, so I guess it's at least partly fixed. It's quite possible that additional rain (tonight is supposed to bring the most furious part of the storm) could cause it to unfix itself, at least I'll be getting something posted today (knock on silicon.)

All the young leaves that have begun to sprout over the last week are getting a serious beatdown today, but the storm has eased a bit over the last half hour and now there are even a few birds out, taking advantage of the lull to peck about in the grass. They are even singing a little bit, though their song has a somewhat desperate air about it. They probably know it is going to get worse later.

My back porch is soaked, and flecked with bits of dislodged plant matter. There are drops of water clinging to the rose leaves, but they can't gleam very brightly because the sky is still a dense gray that admits insufficient light for that task. It's unlikely we'll get any sunlight today, but there could be some tomorrow afternoon when this storm starts breaking up. More storms will follow, though, so I'm expecting a mostly gray week. It's a good thing I like gray days.

The half litre of wine I drank last night prevented me from getting to sleep very early, even though it made me tired. The problem is that once the pleasant buzz and its cheerful sentiment wears off I still have to deal with a few hours of dizziness. I'm sure the dizziness is a symptom of some dire condition, but I really don't want to find out. I don't do that very often anymore anyway, so I can easily forget about the dire condition until it suddenly kills me. That's for the best, I think. It will minimize the amount of time I have to spend worrying.

The service and broadband lights on my router have been flashing red off and on, so I;'m going to take advantage of their current all-green state to post this. Being rushed by imperfect technology is so annoying. I wish I could bill AT&T for the inconvenience.

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