rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

[x] picture not available

Today's issue of the Sacramento Bee has a nice AP wire service photo of John Cleese kissing a lemur. Well, not kissing, exactly; he is actually holding a piece of fruit in his mouth, and the lemur is taking a bite of it. Alas, that the picture is not on the sacbee web site, or any other web site I can find.

It is a cute picture, but it is the caption that is amusing. It reads, in part; "...lemurs belong to a family of prosimian primates with large eyes, a long tail, a pointed puzzle [sic] and soft, woolly fur."

Hmmm. I'll have to ask hyperina about that "pointed puzzle." Does it mean that the puzzle is physically attenuated, or does it mean that it is a not pointless puzzle? These wire service journalists are sometimes careless in their use of language. Had the caption been written by a lemur, I'm sure the meaning would have been clear.
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