rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ennui Interrupted by Error

When I woke up shortly before one o'clock this afternoon I began rushing because I woke up thinking that today was Sunday, and I had to get ready to go shopping about three o'clock. It wasn't until I checked the computer half an hour later that I realized that it was Saturday, and I had nothing to do. Now I suppose I'll end up oversleeping tomorrow and have to start rushing again. Well, it would be better than oversleeping and then thinking it was some day other than Sunday. Maybe I'll leave a note for myself on the orange juice bottle: Today is Sunday. But then I sometimes forget to get a cup or orange juice, so that might not work. I think I need Siri.

Once I'd quit rushing and calmed down, the afternoon was enjoyable. A heavy overcast only began breaking up late in the day, when a soft breeze arose and rustled the new oak leaves. Shortly thereafter a few late rays of sunshine lit the trees for half an hour or so before settling behind a mass of clouds that still hugged the western horizon. There was a moderately colorful sunset, and then a placid dusk full of the nearby frog chorus and the last chatter of the woodpeckers on their way to their nests.

The night is only moderately chilly, the overcast having returned to insulate us, though it may dissipate again later. If it does, I might bundle up and go out to watch the stars for awhile. Orion has been hinging out over my house around midnight each night. I don't know what he finds so fascinating about this place, though. I'm finding it a bit duller each year. Maybe if I stare at him long enough I'll figure it out. But I wonder if he wonders what I find so fascinating about him? He's been up there so long he must be getting pretty bored with himself. If so, I guess we have something in common. I'm not so interested in me anymore, either.

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