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Another mini-heatwave starts tomorrow, but it is only expected to last for two days. It could get up into the mid-seventies, but the clouds will return by Saturday, and there could be another rain storm next Tuesday, and then more rain later in the week is a slight possibility. The very chilly days might be gone for the season, though. There's nothing on the horizon below the low sixties for the next ten days, though the nights will, of course, continue to be chilly.

It's getting pretty late in the year for any significant snow, even in the mountains, so we might have to make do with only a little more snow pack than we've already got. I suppose that next year we'll be back to the drought. But at least we'll have gotten one more greenish spring this year. El Nino is still pretty strong, so more mild rain is likely through the next month, at least, and maybe into April.

Although about twenty daffodil plants have sprouted in my back yard only one of them has a flower on it. It's a sad little yellow thing, displaying its lonely self to the few insects who have emerged so early in the year. Today I heard one bee, but so far I've seen no butterflies. On the bright side, so far I've only had a couple of mosquito bites this year, both during the recent warm spell. I'm hoping that the warmth of the next couple of days will be too brief to hatch out any more of the nasty little biters.

Tonight I have no intention of missing dinner. I've got a couple of potatoes baking in th oven. So far I haven't decided what to have with them. I will certainly cook a few of the broccoli crowns I bought Sunday, but what else I might dig out of cupboard or freezer remains a mystery. Oh, but there's good news: Safeway is finally having a sale on pumpkin pies this week. It's not a very deep discount, but I intend to get one anyway, as long as they don't sell out by late afternoon, which is the time I usually get there. I don't know yet if it will be Friday or Sunday.

Time to check on those potatoes. Maybe I'll put a few fish sticks in the oven with them. Too bad there's no lemon.

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