rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Disorganized

It looks as though I fell asleep around five o'clock this evening, just before I was going to fix dinner early. Now it looks as though I woke up several hours later and it's going on midnight and I'm unfed. Something there is that does not like a dinner. It's not me, so it must be something else. Or am I simply deceiving myself? Could it be that I am the thing that does not like a dinner? I know that I do not like to prepare a dinner, but I do like to eat dinner.

Well, okay, that's not the entire truth. The entire truth is that I prefer to eat a dinner over going hungry. There's a certain point at which interrupting my day to eat something becomes less annoying than being hungry, and that's when I like to eat. Currently, that point is long past, so once again I must interrupt my day to go eat, and that means I must first prepare, a dinner. It makes me think humans are badly designed. At least badly designed for creatures who are not kept as pets by someone who will prepare dinner for them. Maybe I can give myself away on Craig's List or something.

FREE to well-fed home: older male human, sleeps at odd hours, poorly organized but quiet, spends most of his time in front of computer, gets along well with cats. Must has Internets access. Cheezeburgers optional.

That should do it.
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