rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

After All That

My sleep schedule has collapsed in ruins again. I didn't get to sleep until six o'clock this morning, then woke up around ten but soon fell asleep again and didn't finally wake up until three o'clock this afternoon. I have no idea how I'll ever get to sleep tonight or wake up and get ready to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I might still have enough beer on hand to drink myself into a stupor sometime after midnight tonight, but then I'd most likely have to shop with a headache and hangover, which I would not enjoy. Also I'd have to replace the beer, and I haven't budgeted for that expense. This bites.

But the rain is gone and my Internet connection has held up all evening, allowing me to get somewhat caught up on what I've missed while it was being cranky. I've also had the chance to look up some recipes using ricotta cheese, but all of them also require ingredients I don't have on hand and for which I lack adequate substitutes. That cheese is going to go bad if I don't use it soon, so I'm just going to try improvising something with it tonight. Maybe I can pick up some stuff I need to make stuff that will let me use the rest of it tomorrow.

It's going to be getting warmer every day starting tomorrow, but tonight it's still going to be quite chilly. It won't quite get cold enough to freeze the feral cats' water bowls, but I expect the furnace to be getting a workout anyway. The days won't get warm enough for me to open the windows for long until the middle of the week, so the house must remain stuffy until then. I was outside a while ago but didn't hear the frogs. I guess they don't like the cold, because I'm sure the storm brought them plenty of fresh water.

The moon is very close to full. I'm going to go look at it for a while before I try to figure out what to do with the cheese. Maybe, having once been made of cheese before science ruined everything, the moon will give me some ideas.

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