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The neighbors look askance at my lawn as they drive by. Although it was mowed last week, it has not been weeded in almost a year, and the fast growing weeds are already thrusting up in large numbers. The fact is, that I like those plants that others malign as weeds. I don't like nettles or burrs or foxtails, as those cause problems for the cats. But many of the other plants that make their way to the lawn are delightful.

I have always enjoyed the dandelion, of course, with its pleasant little yellow flowers and the tall stems topped with the ball of seeds which fly away in the breeze. And the tough crab grass and devil's grass can be admired for their tenacity and strength. There are also many plants whose names I don't know. There is a ground-hugging plant with small leaves and small white flowers with just the faintest hint of pink at the bottom. Another is a leafy little plant that seems to be crouching among the blades of grass like a cat stalking prey. There are also some short plants thrusting out branches so that the parts of the lawn they have colonized look as though they were covered with a forest of tiny television aerials.

But my favorites are two shade-loving plants that grow near the mulberry tree. One has long stems that are periodically punctuated with clusters of four delicate leaves growing from one side of the stem and two tiny stamens on the other. The second is a plant with slender brachiated stalks of astonishing length, from which grow long blades that break in the middle and hang down gracefully. They remind me a bit of miniature bamboo, and have a very Japanese quality about them, as of something that might be seen in the corners of a Zen garden, carefully tended.

For some reason, clover does not seem to grow on this lawn. But there is nearby a flower bed which the cats use as their outdoor litter box. There, wherever their droppings have been buried, little clusters of clover are apt to pop up. I enjoy the fact that there are so many voluntary plants in the yard. The neighbors may scowl all they please. My weedy patch will remain as it is.

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