rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Disconnection Disgrutlement

Like the rain, my Internets connection has been intermittent again today. As much as I've enjoyed the rain, I'll be glad when it is gone so I can get back my connection to... well, just about everything. I spend more time online than I do anywhere but in front of the television. I do miss the reliability of the daily newspaper I used to get, though, truth be told, it, too, had problems when there was rain. If I didn't get it into the house immediately after it was delivered it would sit in the yards and get soaked and be unreadable until it dried out, which could take hours. Funny how so many human inventions do poorly when water falls out of the sky.

The Internets connection is doing poorly right now, with the "Service" light on my router flashing red, flashing green, or going entirely dark much of the time. I'll have to watch for when I get the steady green light and then post this as quickly as possible. The windows of opportunity have been brief so far. I hope I don't have to wait around for too long after I've finished writing it, as I'm getting very hungry and want to get some dinner. I've got a bunch of ricotta cheese and spent quite a while trying to get a web site with recipes for pasta with ricotta, but the connection has been too uncooperative. Thus I have no idea how to prepare it, so I'll probably have to eat something else tonight.

The last time I looked, the rain was supposed to be gone tomorrow, but I haven't been able to check the weather web sites today so I don't know if the forecast has changed or not. I was lucky to even get LJ to open, I guess. I suppose I could check the weather channel on cable, but I can't remember what channel it is on, and going through all those listings in the on-screen guide is tedious. How enslaved am I to the Internets? Totally. Give it back to me, AT&T!

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