rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The Internets has been mostly connected this evening, while the rain has been in abeyance, but I've been busy doing other things, such as the laundry I've been forgetting to do for the last couple of days. Now there will soon be something I want to watch on cable. Odds are that by the time it's over the rain will be back and the Internets gone again. Such is virtual life.

The shopping will be put off until Sunday again this week, but as there are no good deals on Safeway's Friday sale it doesn't matter. I don't have very much money to spend this week anyway, so it's just as well there's nothing much on the weeklong sales either. I'm well stocked on soup for the chilly weather, and have plenty of potatoes for baking, plenty of pasta, and a few frozen dinners, so it doesn't really matter if there are no good deals even until March, when I will have a bit more money to spend. The gas bill ought to be going down by then.

It's time to switch loads in the dryer and start folding stuff. Then something to eat, and English people murdering one another on television. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

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