rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today was the last mild day, so when I closed the windows around five o'clock it was probably for the last time for at least six days. The rain is probably not going to arrive until tomorrow afternoon or evening, but the day will be cloudy, chilly, and windy. The heaviest rain is expected overnight, perhaps extending through Thursday morning. There might be rain Friday as well, but only intermittently. It won't really warm up again until next Monday, and even then it won't be as warm as the last few days have been. Most likely I won't open the windows again until next Tuesday, and by next Wednesday it will again probably be too cold to have them open. The warm wave was nice while it lasted, but I'll be glad to have more rain.

For some reason I've been stiff and sore all day, and now I'm getting a headache. It could be that pollen is at fault, so maybe the rain will get rid of it for me and I'll feel better later in the week. Right now all I want to do is take a nap, though I didn't wake up until after one o'clock this afternoon. About the only way I get rid of a headache is to sleep it off. I don't even feel like making dinner, though I'll have to if I don't want certain things going stale on me. Maybe I'll nap first and then make a late night meal. Right now I'm going to go park myself on the couch and see what happens. Too bad the rain hasn't started already. The sound of it relaxes me. .

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