rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Wait, I haven't posted an entry today, have I? For a couple of hours I thought I had, but I guess not. Well, the warmth must be frying my brain. What will become of me when the real heat shows up? It was only 75 degrees today. I'm not complaining— I got to have the windows open for a while and the house smells much fresher.

I didn't wake up until one o'clock this afternoon, or I'd have had the windows open much earlier. As it is, I had to close them again for about an hour this afternoon because the bushes in my front yard were getting trimmed with power clippers, and the house was filling with gas exhaust fumes. It's supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow, but I'll probably be able to have the windows open longer. I do not intend to sleep so late tomorrow. (We'll see how that resolution works out.)

Some of the bushes in the back yard got trimmed, too, and Shorty the feral cat is not happy about it. His hiding places are now exposed. I, too, think the bushes got trimmed back a bit too much, but that means there will be less to be watered this summer. If we get enough rain before the season ends they might grow partway back, but I don't intend to waste any costly water on them this year. If they survive the summer then they can grow the rest of the way back next year.

Anyway, my brain still feels a bit fried. I might have eaten too much dinner, as I'm already getting logy. I should probably park myself in front of the television now so it can put me to sleep. .

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