rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Here it is after eleven o'clock and I'm still unfed. My schedule is so deranged. I blame the unseasonable warmth, which led me to spend much more time outdoors this afternoon than I would have had it been chilly. Because of that I got behind on my Internet, and now I'm scrambling to catch up. Mmmm, scrambling. Too bad I don't have any eggs on hand.

I'm not sure I'll be able to arrange to get to the stores tomorrow after all, and that means I won't get the cheap kitty litter, and that means I'll end up spending money on the cat that I'd much rather spend on myself. Portia had better be very nice to me, because she owes me. Not only for buying kitty litter for her, but for cleaning out the box after she uses it.

Well, thinking about the litter box has made me marginally less hungry. Maybe I'll just make this another popcorn night, although I do still have avocados that need to be used up before they rot, and avocado doesn't really go with popcorn. Maybe I'll just eat an avocado with beer now and have popcorn with more beer later. As long as I get beer I guess there's no reason to worry about what I'm eating.

Now I will go watch Colbert. Maybe he has something to say, because I sure don't.

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