rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Flocks of geese are heading north again tonight. They could be in for a surprise when the weather turns cold and rainy again next Wednesday. They really ought to get online and visit some weather web sites. But I guess geese can't afford the mobile phone charges. Plus they have no pockets to keep the phones in. I don't think I'd like to be a goose. I do enjoy hearing them, though.

I also enjoy hearing the frogs, who are still being quite vocal though the rain is long gone. The bucket that catches drips of rain from the leak on my back porch had about three inches of water in it two days ago, and it has now completely evaporated, so I would imagine the frog habitat is drying quickly too. I do hope they can hang on for another week, when the streams and ponds will probably get replenished.

While it was still mild today, it wasn't what I'd call warm. I only had a few windows open and only for an hour or so. It's supposed to get warmer again by Sunday, so I'll be able to air the house out again then. It was nice having it open for a couple of days, and I look forward to having a couple more warm days early next week even if the warmth makes the weeds in my yard go crazy. They are popping up like, well, weeds, and I definitely don't look forward to pulling them, but it will have to be done soon. I don't want the feral cats to be getting nettles, burrs, and foxtails in their fur.

Tonight I'm stuffed with avocados. One of the stores had them for 25 cents each Sunday and I bought eight. I fear the five I've got left will rot before I can devour them. Clearly I overbought, but I couldn't resist such a deal. I wonder if geese like avocados?
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