rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

I Can Has Internets?

Yes, I can. But I got way behind being offline for eight days, so I probably can't catch up with what I missed. I've been trying all afternoon and evening, but haven't made much of a dent in the missing mass. As it turns out, the loss of connection wasn't all mechanical. Once the rain ended I ought to have gotten my connection back, just as I did before the repair two weeks ago, but when I set up the appointment for today I used AT&T's automated system, and the system apparently has an order to shut down Internet for anybody with a telephone line problem.

AT&T still thinks of itself as a telephone company that also provides Internet, not realizing that most of its traffic is now Internet-related, so it should be thinking of itself as an ISP that also provides some telephone services. Until they do that I think they'll keep screwing up. Well, they'd probably screw up if they thought the other way around, too, but they'd probably screw up the telephone service more and the Internet service less.

Anyway. The rainy days are gone, for now, and we have been having a veritable heat wave. It was nice to have the windows open most of the day today and yesterday, and I hope to have them open for a while again tomorrow, even though it will be a mere 71 degrees. Quite a drop form today's 82. Yes, 82 degrees on February 8th. After tomorrow highs should drop down into the 60s, and there is no rain in sight for about ten days. After that it might cool off again and get rainy. I do hope so. Mid-February is much too early for winter to end.

Oh, plants are bursting from the ground and I expect camellias to bloom any day now. One of the azalea bushes is already putting out a few blossoms. The rose bushes are getting new growth, too. Ten days of mild weather are apt to turn the whole landscape springlike. Then if winter comes back it will all get frosted, and actual spring will be dull when it finally shows up. In short, it could turn out to be a very sucky spring. But maybe somebody with more money than me will sacrifice a bull to Persephone and things will turn out OK after all. I'm not counting on it, though. The last few years have lowered by expectations. If August finds my yard littered with dead shrubs and bleached feral cat bones, while I am reduced to recycling my own urine, I won't be surprised. But if it comes to that I hope that at least I'll have Internet. Where else could I go to publicly bemoan my fate?

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