rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The shopping is done, but an unintentional nap after I got home knocked me out for three hours, and here it is almost midnight and I'm undone, or at least haven't finished doing what I intended to do this evening, including writing this entry— well, not this entry, as I'm sure I'd have written a different entry had I not slept the last three hours away.

But at least I didn't miss any English people being murdered because the local PBS channel isn't showing those reruns anymore. Well, I guess them not being shown means I did miss them, but then you know what I mean. Or if you do know what I mean, could you please tell me? because at this point I'm not at all sure of anything. Aftersleep fuzziness, I guess. My goodness, what a lot of italics!

Anyway. I think maybe I should try to go back to sleep because I think I was having an interesting dream when I woke from my unintentional nap, and I'm thinking my subconscious might like to know how it turns out. I'd like to know, too, but I'm quite sure I never will. Hell, I don't even know what this entry is about, and I'm awake— sort of— for this. Good night, Or good morning. Or good, night!

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