rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I saw a brown bird standing in the rain in my back yard. It was a comical sight with ominous undertones. Entirely ominous was the pond which formed on much of the back lawn. It's not at all good for the septic system to have a pond on top of the leach field. The rain remained more or less furious for hours. The house gutters overflowed in several places, and the gravel path near the back gate was washed thin. I'll have to rake the gravel back when the rain ends.

There's supposed to be a break in the weather tomorrow, which is when I'll go to the stores, but the rain might be back on Sunday. The first week of February is expected to be mostly sunny and dry, but it's going to get much colder. There will probably be more nights when the feral cats' water bowls will freeze. Another big utility bill, then.

It got very foggy for a while this evening when the rain let up for half an hour or so. It was after nightfall, so it was too dark for me to see how limited visibility was, but the streetlight on the next block behind my house got very hazy, so I'm guessing it was no more than 300 feet. I wish it had gotten foggy while there was still some light in the sky. I do enjoy a foggy dusk.

I bought some cornbread last Sunday and put it in the bread box and then promptly forgot about it. If I heat it up it will still be good, so I'm having it for dinner with some soup. It's a good night for soup. And even if soup can't get rid of omens, at least it should help me forget about them for a while.

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