rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Very Smart

Sunlight failed to make more than brief appearances today, but there were several short periods of sprinkles. The serious rain probably won't begin until sometime after midnight. How long after midnight is any body's guess. Sunday's possible snow has been canceled, and is to be replaced by light rain, but there could be snow on Tuesday. Tuesday is a silly day for snow. Snow should fall on the weekend, so people can enjoy it, and so commuters won't have to drive through it. But then Tuesday's snow might be canceled too. All sorts of weather has a way of getting canceled around here.

Right now the sky is already so cloudy that I can see no stars, and probably won't even be able to see the moon when it rises. Oh, and not only have I heard no geese flying north tonight, late last night I heard a flock flying back south. They must have belatedly figured out that a few mild days did not mean that winter was over. One would expect geese to have more sense than to have flown north prematurely anyway, but apparently they don't. It's good to know that geese are no smarter than I am after all.

My not very smartness manifested itself in the discovery this evening that I forgot, when shopping last Sunday, yet another thing I needed. This forced me to improvise dinner again. Maybe it's good for me to have to do these last minute adjustments. Perhaps it stimulates my creativity. Maybe thinking creatively will slow the onset of dementia. But then it pretty obviously hasn't done anything to improve my ability to put together a complete shopping list, so maybe not.

At least this week's shopping list is going to be short, because there's not much on sale, so maybe I'll remember everything this time. If not I'll be eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches again next week. There's always plenty of peanut butter in the house. If I ever run out of that I'll know it's time to go into a home. Unless I forget, of course.

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