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Flocks of geese are still flying north. I heard one a few minutes ago, and there might have been others earlier but I haven't been outside much this evening. For the last couple of evenings I've heard two or three flocks go by within about an hour or so, starting around dusk. But it's gotten chillier again, and I don't feel like staying out to listen for them. The frogs don't seem to be bothered by the declining temperature so far, though, as I can still hear them croaking loudly.

Right now I'm spoiling my dinner and ruining my teeth with a candy bar. My dinner plans were disrupted by my discovery that I was out of a key ingredient, and now I have to rethink, and I was too hungry to wait to figure out what to have instead so I'm eating candy. In fact it's the candy bar the cat hid last week. I finally found it last night, stuck in between a couple of stacks of books on the floor. How she managed to wedge it in there I don't know, but there it was. Surprisingly, her claws had failed to puncture the wrapper, so it was still unsullied and quite edible. Candy wrappers are tougher than they used to be. I'm guessing it will now survive in the landfill for a thousand years or more. Too bad they can't make really useful things (like computers) that would last that long.

I'm not sure how much longer this particular computer will last. It's being very slow again tonight, even though the problem with the Internets connection has been fixed. Actually the machine might keep working for years and years yet, but just keep getting slower and slower. I can imagine myself poking away at the keyboard in 2020, waiting several seconds between pokes for each letter to pop up on the monitor. Right now I can type several letters before getting a stall, but it gets worse all the time. Poor old Butch. He's got digital Alzheimer's disease. Maybe we can go into The Home together.

Now I'm going to go stare into the pantry for a while to see what I might find to substitute for what I'd intended to have for dinner. It won't have to be a big meal as the candy bar took the edge off of my appetite. A can of soup might be nice on this chilly night. Mmmmm, soup.

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