rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After waking way too early, I listened to hours of rain, then fell asleep again before sunset and slept until ten o'clock this evening. Most disorienting. Also, I'm quite sure I missed English people murdering one another on PBS tonight, which has left me very sad. The rain has gone, though some clouds remain, and the moon is full.

A few stars manage to shine despite the competition, but the moonlight is so bright when the clouds part that the landscape seems to leap out at me. The bare branches fling their shadows across the ground, stretching toward the porch. I'll feel better when the moon moves farther west and the shadows reach toward the back fence instead. Or perhaps the band of clouds I see to the south will move this way and diffuse the light, dispersing the shadows.

The wind has stopped blowing as well, and it is terribly quiet after the hours of moaning pines and pattering rain. Now and then some long-pent drop of water will fall from one of the trees, and the sound of it hitting the ground is startling. Even the nearby frogs have fallen silent, though if I strain my ears I think I can hear another group in the distance, softer than a whisper.

But I can't stay outside for long in this chill, and I wonder what I am going to do with this long night. Television, I suppose. Sitting at the computer is giving me a headache.

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