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Connected, For Now [Jan. 22nd, 2016|07:45 pm]
Although my Internets has been slow today, the connection hasn't yet failed despite several hours of sprinkles and drizzles and occasional brief downpours. But the rain is getting more intense now, and the wind is kicking up, so I want to post something before my luck runs out. I probably could have gotten away with going shopping this afternoon without getting soaked, as the rain was not yet as fierce as expected, but it's just as well I'm waiting until Sunday as I slept too late today anyway.

It's been a fine stormy evening so far, though a gust of wind a while ago took a branch off of one of the pine trees beyond my back fence. I couldn't see it in the dark, but I could hear it fall with a great clatter as it hit a metal outbuilding in the neighbor's back yard. Probably no damage, as it sounded like a fairly small branch. I also heard a whistling call a couple of times, perhaps from some nocturnal bird visiting from some other place. I don't recall ever having heard it before. I'm sure it wasn't a fox (foxes sometimes whistle, but I think it's part of their mating ritual and I don't think January is part of their mating season.)

This afternoon I made hot chocolate, to use up the half and half that is about to expire, and toasted a couple of English muffins that are also getting stale, topping them with cinnamon sugar. It was a nice change from tea and biscotti, and just as suitable to the weather. At dusk I went out and listened to the frogs for a while. More recently the wind and rain has gotten so loud that I can no longer hear the croaking. The fiercest pat of the storm should pass through tonight, and tomorrow is apt to be a repeat of today, with only moderate rain. I'm looking forward to the break we'll get on Sunday.

The Internet connection is still holding steady, but there's no telling for how long, so I'd best get this posted. I don't know what the connection will be like tomorrow. The wind might jar the cable looser and make things worse. I'm glad the AT&T guy is coming Monday. I'd like to stop worrying about staying connected.