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The clouds are thin tonight and diffusing the light of the waxing, gibbous moon. The thin clouds are also allowing the day's warmth to escape, and it is colder than it's been of late, but not cold enough to keep the frogs from croaking. It is cold enough that someone in the neighborhood has been induced to light a fire, but the faint odor of creosote in the air suggests that they might be burning old railroad ties or chunks of a utility pole. Other than the industrial smell, it is pleasant enough outside, but I'm staying indoors nonetheless. I'm not ready to endure quite that much chill when I have a furnace burning money whether I'm inside or out, and I want my money's worth.

Furious rain is expected Friday, so this week I'll probably have to do my shopping on Sunday. This is unfortunate, as Safeway has a couple of good bargains on its Friday sale this week, but at least none of them are kitty litter. I hate missing the cheap kitty litter. There could be rain on Saturday as well, but Sunday should bring no more than occasional sprinkles. Tomorrow is still supposed to be fairly mild and only partly cloudy. Maybe I'll finally get around to raking those shrunken mulberry leaves in the front yard. I wouldn't bet on it though. I've been waking up pretty late every day lately, and by the time I get my brain functioning it's usually too late in the day to do any yard work.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the mild day and hope I don't sleep through most of it, whether I get around to raking any leaves or not. I wouldn't mind having a half hour of just sitting on the porch in the sun without having my hoodie over my head. It's been a while.

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