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So I woke up about half past six this morning, dazed and muddleheaded. I can't remember falling asleep last night, but I do remember having dinner fairly late. The dishes are still there. When I got to the computer I remembered a bit more, because there was a notice on the screen saying that the browser needed to restart, and it reminded me that that's how I failed to post an entry yesterday. The browser crashed, and while I was waiting for it to restart I went into the other room and got distracted. I have the attention span of a gnat these days.

There was sunshine when I went to the stores yesterday afternoon, but it gradually clouded up and by the time I got home the sky was looking quite threatening. It didn't start to rain until a bit later, though, and it probably rained all night. Today it's been a gray drizzle continuing hour after hour. Odds are that the next ten days will be pretty much like today. But looking out my window I see buds on the camellia bush. If the camellia bush says spring is on the way, who am I to disagree?

One of the things I bought yesterday was a double almond Snickers bar. Rite Aid had them for half price, so I figured what the hell. When I got home I put it somewhere, still in its bag, and later I was unable to find it because I had forgotten where I'd put it. I figured it would turn up eventually. This morning I found the bag on the floor, but no candy bar. The only explanation is that the cat found it and decided it was a toy. She took it from the bag and probably batted it around for a while, maybe puncturing the wrapper with her claws, then knocked it under or behind a piece of furniture.

I still haven't found it. Maybe she'll drag it out again later. I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn't my loaf of bread that she decided to turn into a toy this time (she did that once a few weeks ago) but I'm still a bit pissed off at her. Well, I bought too much stuff with sugar in it this week anyway, so maybe it's all for the vest.

Speaking of stuff with sugar in it, this is a perfect day for tea and biscotti. Maybe the tea will keep me from taking another unintentional nap this afternoon. I'm not at all sure I was finished sleeping when I woke up, so I could be at risk. My exciting life.

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