rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Back to the Future

So my neck is adjusted for another month, and there was also some lower back adjusting involved. I hadn't noticed how much out of whack one of the lower vertebra was until the chiropractor began pressing on it to see where it was sitting, and it was very sore. That's probably from too many hours sitting at the computer and in front of the television, and not getting enough exercise during all the rainy days we've been having. It will be rainy again tomorrow. Today was merely cloudy, with occasional moments of sunshine, but if I don't find a way to exercise indoors I'm going to atrophy before this winter ends.

I'm having to polish off the avocados tonight, before they turn inedible (a process which, as near as I can tell, takes place over a period of about two minutes.) I'd intended to have a baked potato, but found that the last two, though their kind is much longer-lived than the fatty fruit, had gone past the point of no return, not just sprouting multiple eyes but getting deep spots of rot under their skins. I won't be able to get more until Friday at the earliest, and I am displeased that such good baked potato weather as we'll be having will also be going to waste. Had I checked the potatoes before going to the chiropractor and discovered their distressed state, I could have stopped at a store and bought a few today.

Happily there is an abundance of pasta in the pantry, so I won't lack for starch in my diet. Likewise there is sufficient beer. But tonight I guess it will be microwaved burritos again, as they complement the avocado nicely. I'm having a late dinner because I had a late lunch, but I think I'm just about ready for it now. I'm glad it's easy to prepare. And I think I hear rain pattering on the un-raked mulberry leaves outside my window. I think I'll go out and stand in it for a couple of minutes while the burritos are in the microwave.

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