rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sun was out most of the day yesterday, and though clouds took over the sky about the time I went shopping the rain held off until midnight, so I didn't get wet. It's raining now, though not very hard. This storm is not expected to be very intense, and neither are most of those due next week. It now looks like Tuesday will be dry, so I'll be able to go to my appointment with the chiropractor without getting soaked, too. Wednesday is supposed to be the rainiest day of the week, and there's nothing I need to do that day so I'll be be able to stay in the house and watch the rain fall.

I did something awful at Safeway. They had a Friday sale on their Boston cream cakes, so I bought one. They are usually eleven bucks, and they were on sale for five, and the price just crushed my good sense. I'm going to get so sick from eating all that rich cake. Maybe I should freeze part of it so I can spread the sickness out over a couple of weeks. I don't know if Boston cream cakes freeze well, though. They've got three very different textures in them, and those would probably both freeze and thaw inconsistently. It might get weird.

The owl isn't out tonight, and I'm a bit disappointed. I miss its hooting. It would probably be unreasonable to expect an owl to hang around in foul weather, though. Foul weather is just not fowl weather. And a fowl pun is not a foul pun, so there's no call for any tongue clucking (see what I did there?)

Oh, that was surely not enough sleep I got yesterday. I'd better quit now.

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