rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Who, Who

I really ought to avoid Farcebook. That site is so cloggy that doing three or four things there can take an hour. Seriously, who designed that pie of crap? Zuckerberg's unpaid high school interns? And it's not my browser because I've used four different ones and they all get clogged. It could be just the lack of RAM on my aging computer, but that place is full of old people, many of who probably have computers as old as mine. I still have no idea why it has become the busiest site on the Intarwebs. Maybe people just get stuck there and never escape. Anyway it took up hours of my afternoon and evening and I never got around to posting an LJ entry for Thursday.

But in the real world Thursday was about no more rain yet still no sun. There was mist now and then, but not enough to prevent the porch from drying out, so the feral cats could walk on it with their paws wet from crossing the lawn and leave tracks. Then when the sun went down and the slow, heavy clouds vanished into the darkness an owl turned up somewhere to the east, not too far away, and for about three hours I heard it hooting every time I went out. A noticeable fog appeared for a while, and the fog with the owl hoots lent the night an eerie quality I found irresistible. That's where much of the evening went.

I've made tentative arrangements to go shopping tomorrow, even though it will probably start raining again by afternoon. Sunday is still expected to be clear, but nothing is certain this year, and I'd just as soon get the shopping over with tomorrow even if I get wet. If that happens I can always dry out when I get home. Water never stays in one place for long, once you've gotten out of it.

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