rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Depressing Photos

I've begun a second album at Webshots. It has only six pictures, so far, of pretty much the same stuff that is in the first album. They were taken in February, and are suitably depressing, as befits the season- lots of gloomy grey skies and barren trees. As always, taken with the crappy Fuji Zoom 90, so they are a bit blurry. Let's all pretend that it is part of their romantic style. I'll be uploading more to this album, soon, and some of the later pictures are quite cheerful, taken under the bright sun of March, and featuring lots of big, white, fluffy clouds, as well as some much greener fields and trees. But, if you just can't wait for the happy stuff, see the depressing stuff now. My Webshots Community page is right here.
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