rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I managed to get to K-mart this evening. I got two pairs of shoes, six pillowcases, two bar towels, a flannel shirt, a ream of copier paper, and a 150-ounce jug of laundry detergent. After cashing in various bonus points the store has given me over the last couple of months the total out of my pocket was just under 33 dollars, but I also got 20 bucks and change back in bonus points, so it's almost like this pile-o-stuff only cost me about twelve bucks. Not bad. The year is looking up.

I also got a break in the weather— literally. It quit raining as soon as I left the house and didn't start up again in earnest until I got home. All I had to put up with while out was a bit of sprinkling. Half an hour later I'd have gotten drenched.

In addition to the stuff from K-mart I got a few things from the nearer supermarket. Safeway was too far to go, so the stuff I didn't get from there Sunday will have to wait until the next time it's on sale. It probably won't be missed, which just goes to show that I probably buy too much stuff. About the only thing I regret not getting is the chili, which isn't on sale very often. But there's plenty of stuff in the cupboard and the freezer and the refrigerator, so no chance of starvation anytime soon. In fact I need to devour some potatoes before their eyes get any bigger. I hate cooking food with big eyes. It reminds me of those creepy paintings by Margaret Keane.

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