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No entry Monday, thanks to more weirdness in my sleeping schedule. The year is getting off to a rocky start, though it's nice that the first rain began late yesterday and is still going on (though I've slept through most of it.) I'm hoping to get out to finish my shopping today, but if it stays this rainy that might not be possible.

The reason my shopping isn't finished is because I lost my list not long after entering Safeway Sunday. I retraced my steps, but couldn't find it. I suspect that some compulsive tidier picked it up. Anyway, I couldn't remember most of what was on it (if I had any memory left I wouldn't need the list) and there wasn'tt ime to return home and reconstruct the list from the stores' web sites, so much of my shopping remains undone. I would have gone yesterday but the sleep disruption made that impossible. Rocky.

The good news is that the series of storms on the way this week will bring lots of snow to the higher elevations, though we probably won't get any here. At the end of the year, snowpack was above 100% of normal for the date, and now even more will accumulate. Not that plentiful water during the dry season will have much effect on my yard. The local water agency is raising its rates this year, so no matter how much water there is in the reservoir I won't be able to afford much. My lawns will remain dead through the summer even if the drought is over.

I don't know if I'll be able to get to sleep after this afternoon and evening's long, unintentional nap, but if I'm to have any chance of shopping today at all I'll need to get some rest, even if it's just lying down and listening to the rain.

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