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Return to Normal [Jan. 1st, 2016|08:45 pm]
So the first day of this year wasn't much different from the last day of last year, except that, following my unintentional nap that ended at midnight last night, I was awake until eleven o'clock this morning and then forced myself to wake up about three o'clock. Oh, and as long as I was awake anyway I watched the Rose Parade on television. Pasadena was clear and looked very nice, and you could see the mountains, and it made me sad because I was up here freezing instead of down there in the almost-balmy sunshine.

The other main difference from yesterday is that the wind has stopped blowing. I swept the accumulation of leaves off my back porch, but still haven't raked the lawns. There was intermittent overcast, but it still doesn't look like we'll be getting any more rain until Monday, and then it could rain for the next four days. Southern Oregon has gotten a record snowfall already this winter, so if the storm track would move a bit farther south we might get some too, and maybe have enough snowmelt next spring to partly replenish the reservoirs. That could stave of the ultimate drought disaster until 2017 or even 2018, even if we go back to really dry winters next year.

But the two-month stream of sappy holiday programming on the Murder & Glurge channel (aka Hallmark Channel) is over, and it has gone back to murder (which I will watch) and glurge (which I will avoid.) I'm looking forward to the resumption of fictional slaughter. There ought to be more English people murdering one another on PBS as well, including some entirely new murders I haven't seen before. I do like January.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-01-02 10:12 pm (UTC)
This post made me think of the old Phoebe Snow song from one of my favorite albums of all time. "December 31st is the very worst time of the year. You have to think of people that you like enough to share your beer." Portia was excellent company, I'm sure, even if you didn't give her any beer.
It Must Be Sunday

Hope you get lots of snowpack to stave off the ultimate drought!
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