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New [Dec. 31st, 2015|07:25 pm]
A wind has risen to blow 2015 away. The pines are bending and moaning, gusts are whipping stray leaves around the porch, and even when I go indoors I can hear the windows rattling and now and then there is a booming sound in the chimney. The stars are twinkling madly, and I wish I had a skylight in the house so I could watch them without freezing my ass off, because it's so very cold out there.

But I don't really mind not being able to go outside without suffering hypothermia because Comedy Central is having a marathon showing of Drunk History tonight, which is the best idea ever for New Year's Eve. I mean history and drinking? Perfect. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate— at least around here, where nothing happens but horn blowing and a few explosions at midnight. Though come to think of it that's pretty much what happens everywhere.

I'm going to have popcorn and beer and hope the house doesn't blow down or the cable go out. Happy New Year.