rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilly Again

We got a bit of snow very early this morning. It started sometime after midnight, and by three o'clock the unpaved ground was white. The pavement was still too warm for the snow to last on it, so it was patchy there, and there was probably less than half an inch everywhere else, but it looked nice for a while. By the time I woke up today it had all melted away.

The day was all bright sunshine and small cumulus clouds floating about. They will probably be gone by tomorrow, and then it's expected to remain clear and cold for the next week. I'll get a chance to rake up the last of the leaves from the lawns. They ought to be dry within a couple of days. The rest of the time I'll be staying indoors, so my toes and ears won't get numb.

My grocery shopping was delayed until today, and there wasn't much on sale and probably won't be much next week either. After the new year begins things should return to normal. I'll be delighted to leave the holiday disruptions behind. Right now I've got a bit of post-holiday depression, though since I didn't really do anything for the holidays I don't know why. Probably just exhaustion from dealing with the disruption. Also might be because Safeway never had a sale on their big pumpkin pies this year and I had to make do with frozen pies. I look forward to the big pies every year as compensation for putting up with everybody else's holiday frenzy.

My fingers are cold. I'm going to take them into the warmer part of the house, and of course I'll have to go with them. Goodnight, computer.

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